Thursday, 26 July 2012

Polly's precious load.

Polly in her whelping create.
In our first post we got the ETA of Polly's pups wrong, we have been told that they are now expected on August 1st which is only five days away. Needless to say we are very excited here at M.C.C.

As you can see by the picture, Polly is getting ready for the big day. Last night we spoke to Rose of BrTafs Labradoodles (Who are kindly donating Polly's pups to our puppy training programme) and she informed us that Polly will whelp in the house with her. They have a huge kitchen and living room combined and the create is there and she will stay in with Rose and her family from today until after the birth and then she will return to the whelping unit (purpose built unit that houses the bitches with young puppy's ). This unit can accommadate 3 bitches with young puppy's at the same time. Sometimes they whelp in the unit if they have more than one bitch due at the same time, but mostly they whelp in the house with Rose and return to the unit when the puppy's are ready. This only happens once Rose and her staff are sure they are all feeding well and thriving.  

Polly and her precious load.

We will keep you updated on Polly's progress and intend to bring you a live minute by minute, as it happens, birth report.

Rose is also donating a second litter of pups to our puppy training Programme. Boots is expecting her pups on August 11th and we will again be bringing you all the excitement of the birth.

Both Polly's and Boots litters will enter our puppy training programme. In time, and once they have successfully completed our Assistance dog training programme, these dogs will change the life of countless children living with Autism. As always we are so grateful to Rose for her generous contribution to the work of our charity. These dogs will make a wonderful addition to our kennels and we are so looking forward to their arrival. 

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