Monday, 5 November 2012

Through the eyes of a parent

As I walk along a tree lined path way in my local forest park I can’t help but notice as the couple ahead of me stroll side by side trudging through the fallen leaves that cover the pathway.

He walks along holding a stick in his left hand while she strolls along beside him glancing over at him every now and then nodding her head in agreement at something he has said or remarked on. She touches his right hand frequently as it hangs down by his side. It’s a simple touch, a gentle reassuring touch, and he responds in kind.
It is hard to believe that they only met seven months ago. Has it really only been only seven months? They met in the car park of a local supermarket and it was love at first sight. He introduced himself and they went for a stroll around the town. They have seldom been apart since that day.

Their love for one another is evident for all to see and it warms my heart as I sit on a bench watching as they stand side by side at the edge of a lake. The setting sun beams their shadows across the lake and onto the trees beyond. It’s a magical setting but they are oblivious to it. Instead he throws a few pebbles across the surface of the lake while she watches on and gets some delight at seeing the local duck population jump for cover as the pebbles drop close to their nesting areas. They are totally immersed in their own company, totally at one with each other. They hear and notice nobody but themselves.

Theirs is a marriage made never to be broken. Their bond is stronger then the toughest cement. Nothing and no-one will break the link that joins them in this life long partnership. Not even his Autism can shake the foundation of their union. In-fact it was his Autism that drew her to him in the first place. She will always be there for him, she will always protect him and keep him safe and if need be she will defend him against all and any threat’s.

He will grow up with her by his side and she will grow old while she watches over him as he develops into a strong and confident man learning to live in a world where his Autism is seen as a hindrance rather then the blessing that his parents know it to be.

  But all thats for the future………

For now, in this magical setting I thank God that my son has been blessed with such a companion. As we walk back to the car I watch as Fudge gently nudges Oisins hand and he responds by rubbing her head with his fingers. No words needed and none given just the reassurance of a boy who knows his best friend is right there by his side. Fudge is his constant companion, confidant, play partner, best friend and yes his assistance dog. He is her best buddy. Together they are a perfect partnership.

As we drive away from the park I remind myself how privileged I am to be a spectator as this fabulous story, of one boy and his dog, unfolds before my eyes.

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