Friday, 10 August 2012

Boots makes us sweat but its worth it.

Well after an eventful start to the month with Polly's new pups attention turned to Boots who was due to deliver her little joys any day, That day arrived yesterday when labour started and her first four pups, all girls, arrived into the word. 

The first four are girls.

 Boots gave birth to just one more pup unassisted before having to be rushed to the local vet where she had a csection at 4am. From a total litter of 11 pups we now have 9 live puppy's one of who may not survive due to his tiny size. All in all a good result 8 good strong puppy's and one little guy who may not make it.Polly acted as wet nurse for a little while this morning until Boots recovered and arrived home. 

Mum and pups all doing well.
In one extraordinary gesture of kindness and generosity Rose O'Driscoll and the team at BrTafs Labradoodles  Have donated both Polly and Boots litters to our puppy training programme. Polly's litter will be known as the D litter and Boots as the E litter. Once they are old enough to leave Mum and come to our kennels here in Cork we will be asking your help in finding suitable names for our new recruits. 
We will keep you posted on how both litters are doing over the coming days and months so be sure to add this blog to your favourites.  


  1. Triiled to see new puppies arrive Anthony is all in love with them and said can he have black one name max

  2. Hope boots has full recovery

  3. Oh wow, how adorable are they!!!