Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Polly's nine life changing puppies

Polly's 9 little puppies. two girls and the rest boys
Here is a picture of the nine pups that Polly has given birth to over the past few hours. We are told number ten is on the way so be prepared for a late addition. Mum and pups are doing great.

As you all know BrTafs Labradoodles have kindly donated Polly's puppies to our puppy training programme, once they are old enough to leave Mum. These pups will be known as the D litter.

We can not even begin to tell you the difference that these pups will make to the lives of children living with Autism once they have trained and graduated into fully trained assistance dogs in 18 months time.

It is the generosity of people like Rose and the gang at BrTafs that allow us to continue our work and change the lives of children and young adults living with Autism.

Proud Mum Polly looks on.
A late arrival pup number 10

An even later arrival pup number 11

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